How to Get Super Silky, Smooth and Shiny Hair in One Day : DIY Hair Mask

How to Get Super Silky, Smooth and Shiny Hair in One Day. DIY Hair Mask

Hey beautiful Girls!!! Today i am here with a  DIY hair mask for all those lovely girls having dull and ruff hair. This DIY deep conditioning mask will make your hair super silky shiny glossy thick and healthy in just one application. And if you apply it once a week your hair will never get frizzy and dull again.

how to have smooth shiny thick naturally healthy hair.

Only you need to follow the tips written below and you are done

Banana Hair mask

  1. First of all you need to mash a banana with some water and you favourite hair oil in it.
  2. you need to strain it so that it dont stick to your hair when you wash it off.
  3. apply this mask all over your hair and let it be for one to two haur. wash your hair with a mild shampoo and luke warm water.

This mask is a home made hair spa which keep your hair healthy smooth and shiny for long.

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