How to Stop Hair Fall : Home Remedies for Hair Regrowth

How to Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Hair : Home Remedies for Hair Regrowth

Hair Loss is a very common problem. Obviously Thick Healthy Hair makes you look very attractive. Its safer to always treat your hair with natural ingredients and not to apply any harmful chemical products on your hair. Below I am sharing Best Home Remedies to stop Hair Fall.

1.Coconut Milk: You can have it very easily by grinding small pieces of coconut and squeezing its milk. Then you need to apply one cup of coconut milk into your scalp thoroughly with a hair dye brush or just massaging with your hand. Cover your head with a towel and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse your hair with normal water. This is an effective remedy to stop hair fall and hair regrowth.

2.Indian Goose Berry and Lime: (Amla) : Crush the amla after destroying its inner seed and extract its juice. Mix 2 Tablespoons of this juice with equal amount of lemon juice. Now apply this mixture in your scalp and allow it to dry. Rinse off with normal or Luke warm water to stop hair fall and regrow your hair fast.

3.Neam Leaves: Boil 10 to 12 Neem Leaves one Jug water till it remains half. Rinse your hair and scalp with this water. You can use this remedy as a last rinse after shampooing your hair. Do this Once in a week to stop hair fall.

4. Fenugreek Seeds: Soak Fenugreek seed into water overnight. Make paste of these soaked seeds and apply this paste into your scalp and hair, cover with a shower cap or towel. Leave it on for 40 minutes and then rinse with normal or cold water for fast regrowth of your hair.

5. Licorice Root (Mulaithi): Add ground licorice root and saffron into a cup of milk and mix it well. Apply this mixture on the bald patches over your head and leave it overnight. Next morning wash your hair with normal water to stop hair fall.

6. Lemon Juice: crush an onion to extract its juice. Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey into it and apply into your scalp and hair. keep it for 40 to 50 minutes then rinse off for a shiny healthy hair.

7. Garlic and Coconut Oil: Crush some garlic cloves and boil into coconut oil for some time. Apply this oil into your scalp and leave overnight to regrow your hair and stop hair fall.

8.Curry Leaves: Curry Leaves are really very effective as a hair tonic. you can boil some curry leaves into your non chemical hair oil and and massage with this oil for 15 to 20 minutes into your scalp. Follow this procedure twice a week for hair growth.

So these were the best Home Remedies to stop Hair Fall and Regrowing your hair very fast in a natural way. All these home remedies have no side effects and totally safe until you are not suffered from a scalp allergy or infection. 

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