How to Take care of Colored Hair : Tips for Healthy Colored Hair

How to Take care of Colored Hair
Preserving Color in hair for a long period of time and having soft,  healthy shiny colored hair is not a big deal if you follow a few important things mentioned below in routine. So lets see what makes your hair healthy and beautiful.

Shampoo for colored Hair: After a few days of coloring your hair it become frizzy and dull. It happens because of a normal shampoo use. So you need to use a sulfate and Para bin free shampoo to avoid all this. There are a variety of color care shampoos available in market.
E.G. Loreal Professionel Inoa Color care sulfate free wiith Argon oil and green tea,
KIEHL’s Sunflower Color Preserve Shampoo.

Conditioning and Nourishment: Colored Hair really need to be conditioned and nourished well. So make sure to choose a good conditioner for your colored hair.E.G

Loreal Professionel Inoa Color care Conditioner
KIEHL’s Sunflower color preserving conditioner(Parabin Free).

Other Products for Colored Hair:

Another things you can nourish your hair with are Colour Finishing Cremes, Hair Masque, Heat Protection Mist, Dry Shampoos, Smoothning Seremes etc.

Some Tips for a Healthy Colored Hair Routine;

  1. Avoid Using very hot water while cleaning Your Hair. Because it Damages shine and softness of your hair and makes them frizzy and dull.
  2. Dont be harsh to your hair while shampooing. Shampoo your hair with soft hands and dont rub them very harshly and dont try to keep them tangle free while shampooing.
  3. Use a Soft Towel. Don’t rub your hair harshly while drying it with a towel.
  4. Once in a week apply a lot of conditioner after shampooing your hair and keep it in your hair at least half an hour then rinse off with normal water.
  5. Have a Protein rich Diet: Enrich your diet with protein foods for a thick, healthy and long shiny hair.
So Friends these were a few tips to take care of your colored hair and preserve color in your hair for a long time while not compromising with softness, health and shine of your hair.

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