Does Backcombing Damage your Hair

Does Backcombing Damage your Hair

Backcombing is an essential art of hair styling when it comes to party Hairstyles or Wedding Hairstyles. If you are scared whether backcombing create damage to your hair here is a full guide for you.

Backcombing is of various types. If you want very high puff or volume in your hair you need intense backcombing in small layers of hair. For a lighter volume you need less backcombing in large sections of hair. It also depends how you backcomb your hair. If you do it neatly section by section it does not create a lot of damage. Untangling your hair later on is also plays a major role here. If you disentangle your hair carefully, taking care that you do not pull your hair harshly it does not create any damage at all. So be careful while disentangling your hair when you open your hair.

Learn How to Backcomb

For backcombing without any damage you need to learn it first under proper guidance. You can see video tutorials for this on internet or you can join a hair dresser class for a deep understanding.

Alternative to backcombing

Another alternative to backcombing is using artificial puff or bump it that you need to put inside your hair for extra bounce or a Bun or Big puff hairstyle. So the choice is yours. Some people dont prefer to insert things in their hair. So they can choose backcombing.

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