What you need to know before Making a Beautiful Hairstyle

Hey girls many of you complain that you are not able to make all beautiful hairstyles in your own hair. Because most of the girls have silky thin hair.

So I want to share some techniques which can help you manage your thin silky hair and you can make any hairstyle very easily.

Important Things to Know Before Styling Your Hair

  1. Apply a good quality gel and seram: first of all you need to apply a gel or serum to your hair so that short unmanageable hair smooths out.
  2. Backcomb: If you need to have a puffy look in your hair you need to backcomb a little so that hair becomes manageable.
  3. Hair Powder : You can use a volume creating hair powder which is easily available in the market. This powder helps to manage silky hair and create a lot of volume in the hair.
  4. Crimping: this is another option to have a lot of volume in your hair before making a hairstyle for wedding or function. you will need a good quality hair crimper take small sections of hair and crimp them step by step.
  5. You need to learn how to smooth en out hair after back combing because it may damage your hair if you dont know the proper technique.

I hope all these methods helps you to manage silky thin hair and get you to a beautiful hairstyle very easily.

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