2 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Hey Friends! Hair Fall is a very common problem among most of humans. So here I want to discuss some factors that are a major cause of hair fall and what you need to do to avoid hair fall. First thing is Know What is not Good for your hair. Second is What to do for Your Hair. So these are two ways to prevent hair loss.

Below is a list of your daily habits that cause a lot of hair damage so first of all you need to avoid things that are listed below –

  • Rubbing Hair with Towel
  • Brushing Wet Hair
  • Washing Hair with Hot Water
  • Using Harsh Shampoo
  • Not Brushing Your Hair whole Day
  • Applying and changing hair products frequently
  • Using a lot of Hair Spray for Styling
  • Using Hot Iron and Hair Drier in Routine
  • Not Cleaning Hair Regularly
  • Too Much Sun Exposure
  • Drinking Less Water
  • Lack of Diet with Protein
  • Taking Stress
  • Alcohol Intake and Smoking
  • Keeping Hair in Sweat for long
  • Having a lot of Chemical food or medicines

Things To Do

  • Keep your hair Clean
  • Massage Your Head with Assential Oils
  • Vitamins A E and B are Important for Healthy Black Hair
  • Meditate and Relax
  • Have Proper Sleep
  • Handle Your Hair Softly and Gently

So all above are the main aspecst that will keep your hair healthy and prevent Hair Loss for Sure.

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