Does Hair Color Cause damage to the Hair ?What is the Alternative ?

Hair Color Does not give your hair growth and health instead it causes hair loss and damage to the hair because it contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The Hair Dye Physically weaken hair shafts.

Lets see in depth how ammonia damages hair

To add color to your hair the dye has to enter your hair shaft. for that it has to move beyond the cuticle which get into the roots of the hair to protect hair from damage. So all this is done by ammonia which is in the hair color. It lifts up the cuticle and the color gets into it.

In the Next Step the Peroxide breaks down your natural hair color. It dries hair a lot and your hair might get a hard texture. In the process the cuticle remains lifted so that color can penetrate fully. The longer the cuticle is lifted the more damage is caused. When you rinse your hair cuticle comes down but damage is already done to the hair.

So If you are getting these treatments on a regular basis you can damage your hair badly.

What is the Solution

One alternative is to use less damaging semi permanent( Semi Permanent dyes doesn’t contain peroxide) or demi permanent dyes(Demi Permanent dyes contain less peroxide).
These dyes causes less damage to hair and add more shine to your hair. The Drawback to this is, it doesn’t stay long in your hair moreover it start getting lighter with every hair wash. because these treatments don’t open your hair shaft and don’t change your natural hair color.

Many companies claim that they sell ammonia free hair colors using some substitutes to it. but it is not effective at lightning hair.

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