How to Protect Color Treated Hair from Damage

Use Heat Protector Spray Before Styling your hair

If you are styling your hair with a hair dryer, curler or straightener you must use a spray that protects your hair from direct heat.Heat protector spray help your hair maintain the moisture inside and keep it smooth and hydrated.

Regular Trims

Trim your hair every 7 weeks because the dead ends of hair look ugly and faded so that your hair color looks great.

Don’t wash your hair frequently

Don’t wash your hair everyday when they are colored because it fades the color fast. you can wash your hair every 2-3 days so that color and natural moisture of your hair wont fades away.

Do not use Very Hot Water

You should avoid using hot water when washing your hair. Use normal water instead. Because hot water dries hair fast and also weaken them.

Add Color to your conditioner

If you want to look your hair freshly colored every time you wash your hair you can apply a conditioner mixed with your hair color.

Shampoo and Conditioner should be sulfate Free

Sulfate is a detergent that is used to create a foaming effect in many products. But it makes your hair dry and get all the moisture out of your hair resulting in frizzy and dull hair. so try using a shampoo that is sulfate free.

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